How To Follow my Weekly Forecasts with Your BirthChart

If you want to understand your chart, learn astrology, and apply the weekly forecasts at a deeper & more personal level, this video is for you! Grab your chart and follow alongโ€ฆ


  • Print out your chart with Whole Sign Houses (if you’ve gotten a reading with me, use that or if you need help with this, email me).


  • Make note of: sign and degree (round up) of your rising, your Moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars – these are the personal points that you want to pay attention to when it comes to weekly transits (outer planets are many because MANY people have same placement born within same years). Side note: some of these will be more important than others based on what house they rule, aspects they’re making, strength overall, etc. etc….but that’s why we do an astrology reading to look at all of that stuff.


  • Mark where lunations (new moons, full moons, and quarter moons) are happening – this brings to focus areas of life within the houses (watch my upcoming video series about interpretation of each house) or in relation to your sensitive points.


  • Is there action happening in the same space (or square or opposition) to your personal points? You know this if it’s in same sign or same mode (watch my video on modes).


  • Sit back and look at major common themes – how would this apply to your life now? What is present and what advice would you give yourself?


Full Disclosure: This is a first attempt to share a guide to following along with your own chart. This is a full list and I hope you’ll find it helpful no matter what your level. If you feel overwhelmed, just start with printing out your chart (email me!).ย 

Or maybe you just want to track the lunations and leave the rest for later. It’s all about what’s most accessible and do-able for you right now.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you’ll follow along next week!