Neptune Rising 🌊 astrological patterns of spirituality, creativity, & eternal self-seeking

Neptune is a planet associated with all things ethereal, transcendant, and difficult to pin down concretely. Astrologically, Neptune is a symbol of altered states of consciousness, unconditional love, divination, connecting to the collective unconscious & universal themes of humanity, creativity, art, performance in theatre or movies, divine inspiration & intervention.

Neptune also symbolizes problematic issues such as codependence, substance abuse, addiction, avoidance, and self-medication in an effort to numb overwhelming feelings or situations.

People with Neptune aspecting a sensitive point in their natal chart (Neptune conjunct, square, or opposite an inner planet or point such as the Ascendant, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) embody any of these symbols especially well.

But, how do we know if someone will be a spiritual enthusiast, an artist, or struggle with substance abuse?

Ultimately, there is no way to know for certain because a person’s birth chart simply shows the potential. We are shaped by our environment and experiences.

But, we can look at the nature of the placement of Neptune to see the variety with which things may develop.

Looking specifically at Neptune Rising (Neptune conjunct the Ascendant), we know that the physical body and the very core of the person’s identity is Neptunian. People with this placement tend to be highly sensitive at a physical level. This can manifest as being clairsentience (literally feeling sensations based on feelings of others or other factors in the environment). They may be prone to sensitivity to foods, scents and other products. And they simply require more downtime to recharge because they are significantly affected by the environment around them at a physical and psychological level. Concentrative meditation practices and regular energy clearing practices can go a long way for these people to feel more stable and secure.

Neptune Rising people tend to have a fluid persona. They are impressionable and tend to take on the mannerisms and interests of people they spend long periods of time with. And, they are highly skilled at consciously adapting their persona to fit a situation. This is seen to function extremely well for those involved in the performing arts, acting, or any activity where a person must “become” someone or something else temporarily. Those with any inclination toward the arts or performance would benefit greatly from channeling their interests in that direction. The creative process is both therapeutic and purposeful for Neptune Rising people.

This fluid persona is accompanied by the ongoing question, “who am I?” – the classic Neptune person conundrum! People with Neptune Rising are particularly prone to be on a lifelong journey of self seeking because they are so malleable and adaptable. In addition, people tend to project onto the Neptune Rising person what they want or need, so the Neptune person is constantly having to discern if they are indeed how other people see them, or if they’re someone or something else. Which changes so often that it can bring up this questioning constantly!

Ultimately, this journey of self seeking and asking “who am I?” is one of the most satisfying for Neptune Rising people. When they relax into the process and let go of the endpoint, it becomes an exciting journey rich in symbols and adventure.

Practices such as self-reflection, mediation, and having unbiased and grounded people who can assist in the journey to stabilize the Neptune Rising person in the modern world are extremely helpful. Ultimately, this process is about seeing themselves as they see themselves, not as other people perceive them to be.

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