Eclipse Preparations: tips for making the most of eclipse season with symbolic living and feminine consciousness

Eclipse season happens about every six months and symbolizes opportunities for rapid change and new growth. Each season has a different type of symbolism depending on the signs and other astrological aspects…but all eclipse seasons tend to feel a bit uncertain and not entirely stable. I’m excited to share some tip for finding stability and meaning in the process. […]

Mars Retrograde: reflecting on assertiveness, action, & courage 🔥🌻

In the spirit of the upcoming Mars Retrograde in June-August 2018, let’s talk about the symbolism of Mars! The archetype of the warrior can manifest in many different ways in the birthchart and through time as we have transits like Retrograde or Mars square Uranus. Times like this can call out your inner warrior to fight for what’s important to you. […]

Astrological Signs of Codependence: how to work with it and have healthy relationships

This is definitely not a sexy topic! There’s a lot of shame and judgment around the idea of codependence. But it’s something that happens on subtle levels for many sensitive and caring people. Learn about some of the astrological signatures of codependence and how to work with them. […]

Astrological Signs of an Empath: The Empress, The Shaman, & The Mystic

Not all sensitive, empathic, and intuitive people are the same. I’ve noticed three archetypes of an empath that are expressed through a person’s natal astrology chart: The Empress (Cancer/Moon/4th House), The Shaman (Scorpio/Pluto/8th House), and The Mystic (Pisces/Neptune/12th House). When you know what your core archetype is, you can work with that energy to have a more authentic life. […]

Empaths vs Narcissists: why we have psychic battles & how to end toxic relationships ❤️

What is the underlying dynamic between an empath (or highly sensitive person) and a narcisist? Why are these relationships created? It really comes down to building a healthy sense of ego and how we exchange energy. Let’s talk about the dynamics of this strange but common relationship pattern. […]

Astrological Tips for Empaths: thriving in modern life as a highly sensitive, empathic, or introverted person

How to deal with everyday life as a sensitive person? How do you do all the adulting things when you have all the feels and no chill? Astrology can help you tune into what you need and how to manage life from a place of embodiment and authentic participation. […]

Re-Humanizing Astrology: from projection to connection

Astrology is only as heartfelt as the person using it. Just like most things, Astrology is a beautiful tool that can be used for harming (projection) or for helping (connection). In modern times, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of putting people into boxes based on their sign…let’s explore another way <3 […]