Transitions & Transformations! (with my channel 😊🌟)

I’m super excited to make a change with my channel! Instead of horoscope type videos, I’ll be sharing information for highly sensitive and empathic type people to work with their challenges and gifts. HSPs and empaths often struggle with codependence, creating healthy boundaries, or are chronically overwhelmed in daily life.

I’ll be sharing information about topics like this based on my own life and what I see most useful for my clients in my practice as an astrological counselor.

Enjoy and thank you always for your support ❀️

Love reading your thoughts in the comments, thank you for watching and for being who you are in the world!



10 Tips for Getting Through a Dark Night of the Soul

Many people all over the world have been through a dark night of the soul – including me! Here are some things that helped me immensely and continue to be a source of support…

  1. There are no steps, it’s a spiral and it’s life.
  2. Practice surrender to the process, it is what it is. Trying to change it creates emotional quicksand
  3. Go outside, in nature, in public, be around people even if you don’t interact (sometimes that’s better actually)
  4. Find healthy creature comforts (feeling things via your body)…textures, scents, foods, movements that are pleasing). Note: if you struggle with substances this could be a tricky one…favor bodywork instead.
  5. Limit exposure to people who want you to be different than you are. Limit exposure to superficial conversations because they may heighten feelings of alienation.
  6. But, tell people how you are…if someone tries to cheer you up, kindly tell them that you feel how you feel and they can support you by listening
  7. Talk to safe people (therapist, counselor, teacher, friend, family – INVALUABLE)
  8. Fuck it, just talk to people. 
  9. Create a support system of people you can turn to AND realize that no one person or activity will relive your suffering. That is something that happens organically from within you. Expecting others to comfort you emotionally sets you up for disappointment. Focus on comforting yourself while being connected to others…interdependence.
  10. Have a purpose every day. Sometimes that’s simply getting out of bed and moving through life. More advanced purposes are connecting to others, building your support system, and connecting with other people in a genuine way.

If you’re going through a dark night of the soul or if you have before, leave a comment to others know what helped you most.

Xo, Shawna

How To Follow my Weekly Forecasts with Your BirthChart

If you want to understand your chart, learn astrology, and apply the weekly forecasts at a deeper & more personal level, this video is for you! Grab your chart and follow along…


  • Print out your chart with Whole Sign Houses (if you’ve gotten a reading with me, use that or if you need help with this, email me).


  • Make note of: sign and degree (round up) of your rising, your Moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars – these are the personal points that you want to pay attention to when it comes to weekly transits (outer planets are many because MANY people have same placement born within same years). Side note: some of these will be more important than others based on what house they rule, aspects they’re making, strength overall, etc. etc….but that’s why we do an astrology reading to look at all of that stuff.


  • Mark where lunations (new moons, full moons, and quarter moons) are happening – this brings to focus areas of life within the houses (watch my upcoming video series about interpretation of each house) or in relation to your sensitive points.


  • Is there action happening in the same space (or square or opposition) to your personal points? You know this if it’s in same sign or same mode (watch my video on modes).


  • Sit back and look at major common themes – how would this apply to your life now? What is present and what advice would you give yourself?


Full Disclosure: This is a first attempt to share a guide to following along with your own chart. This is a full list and I hope you’ll find it helpful no matter what your level. If you feel overwhelmed, just start with printing out your chart (email me!).Β 

Or maybe you just want to track the lunations and leave the rest for later. It’s all about what’s most accessible and do-able for you right now.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you’ll follow along next week!



The Modes (Cardinal, Fixed, & Mutable) as Signs of Expression in Astrology

Get a deeper understanding of the astrology signs by getting to know the Modes (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable)…

Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Fixed: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Mutable: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

  1. There are 3 ways that the signs are categorized – this actually is the root of interpreting aspects (sextile, square, trine) – when you understand the modes, it will help you easily see aspects in a chart over time with practice.
  2. The Categories are: Gender (or yin/yang, or active/passive), Element (fire, earth, air, water) AND the Mode (cardinal, fixed, and mutable). Note: this is simply Western astrology, Chinese astrology they use a different element system, not universal.
  3. Mode tells us about the general pacing of a planet. You can think of it as where the planet is within the process of life (beginning, middle, or end (aka transition).
  4. Cardinal: beginnings, initiation, quick movement, in the now
  5. Fixed: sustaining, slow, little to no change, developing
  6. Mutable: change, transition, not as fast as cardinal but not as slow as fixed. This is about 2 – the choosing, the changing, the movement between.
  7. How to interpret? What planet are you looking at, what does it symbolize?
  8. Modes are used especially in horary astrology to ask a question and they show how quick or slow things will happen.
  9. When we’re looking at transits (or natal), it’s more about how active and dynamic is that planet…that lends itself to the interpretation and we combine that with the element and house.
  10. Aspects: it also means that any planet who shares the same mode will be square or opposite. These are often seen to be challenging aspects…which seems odd since they have something in common but maybe this is because all the common energy moves toward a certain energy with a lot of force.

Hope you find this helpful! Leave a comment and let me know what mode your Moon is in. How would you interpret this in your life?

Love reading your thoughts in the comments, thank you for watching and sharing!