Part 1: Redirection to Yourself (Boundaries with Heart)

Welcome to Part 1!

This is the core foundation for having healthy boundaries while maintaining your authentic sensitive nature.

In this video, you’ll learn how most empathic and highly sensitive people disconnect from themselves – and why this is incredibly problematic for relationships.

You’ll find out the ways to address this by redirecting to yourself with simple yet profoundly effective techniques.


4 Replies to “Part 1: Redirection to Yourself (Boundaries with Heart)”

  1. I would reconnect by breathing and asking what im phisically feeling in my heart. Also i wanna sew the video again!

  2. Thanks this is just what I need right now! I am an empath and tend to overthink situations and will ‘check in’ with my body and breathing more and continue with Breathwork and meditation.May use Tarot but not too sure exactly how to do that. Very good video.

    1. David, so happy it’s helpful! Sounds like you’re on a good track for being connected to yourself.

      With tarot, I like to pull a card at the beginning or end of the day. You can ask to be shown what’s happening within you at that moment, or in a certain situation…and then pull another card to represent the environment (or the other person). Just working with the symbols and what it reminds you of can be helpful 🙂

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