Part 2: Dealing with Codependence (Boundaries with Heart

Welcome to Part 2!

Here you’ll learn exactly what it means to show codependent behavior, why it happens so naturally and unconsciously for empathic people, and how to start shifting the role you may play in these kinds of encounters.

Codependence can be extreme to subtle. Especially in subtle cases, simply having an awareness of the phenomena is enough to shift the patterns into behavior that feels more free and interconnected.

Enjoy ❤️

4 Replies to “Part 2: Dealing with Codependence (Boundaries with Heart”

  1. This is very helpful. I recently became aware of this “fixing” behavior on my part with my adult sons. Slowly, our relationships are changing and improving as I give them more space.

    1. Jennifer, that’s great! I think I said this in the video, but it bears repeating 😉 – awareness is huge! Simply noticing your internal response has a major impact.

      I’ve noticed that this dynamic of “fixing” happens often in parent-child relationships. And, when there’s awareness around it, it actually changes the relationship to feel different for both people. Often more free Yet connected ❤️

      Happy you enjoyed this video 🙂

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