August 23, 2018

Astro for Empaths

Thrive in Modern Life as a Highly Sensitive Person

Connect with practical ways of living life in the modern world as a highly sensitive person through this 6 week interactive online experience. Learn about the astrological signs of the empath, how to work with the chakras of the empath, and channel your energy to live life in the world in practical ways.


You’ll learn about yourself, how have boundaries yet stay open with others, and shift your life to feel present, strong, and stable through weekly content, group calls, and interactive exercises with the group.

October 9th – November 17th, 2019


WEEK 1: Life as an Empath. Welcome! Introduction. Self-definition exercise. We share what it means to use to be an empathic or highly sensitive person.

WEEK 2: Empath Archetypes. What are the 3 different archetypes of the empath? Their gifts, challenges, and tips for each archetype. What archetype are you?

WEEK 3: Seeing Empath Archetypes in the Birth Chart & Transits. Now that you’re familiar with the archetypes, let’s look at birth charts and transits to see how these symbols play out in your life. Which aspects in your chart are most “alive”? Are there transits that show certain archetypes become more present in your life at different times?

WEEK 4: Chakras of the Empath. What chakra is essential for each empath archetype to connect with, and practical tips to do so. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices for the Chakras.

WEEK 5: Relationships & Boundaries. How to stay open while having healthy boundaries. Can we have a healthy ego and still be spiritual? When are we intuiting vs. projecting? Codependency hidden in plain sight. How to handle day to day situations with partners, family, and work that challenge empaths.

WEEK 6: Wrap-up. Review what we’ve learned. Action steps for the path ahead. Creating a plan for increased health, vitality, and joy for the coming month and year.


course opens on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

first weekly group call via Zoom is on Sunday, October 13th at 11am PST

(calls every Sunday through Nov 17th)


Connect with your true nature and beauty as a highly sensitive person without conforming to modern world standards. You’re going to love it!


Price: $167 

increases to $187 after the equinox on September 24th


Unsolicited Praise

“Thank you so much for creating this course <3 I got so much out of the support and guidance that you gave. I have SUCH a better understanding as to how/who I am, more specifically through my archetype. This has brought clarity and has helped me to not feel so different. I’m starting to embrace it all in a good way 🙂  I feel like I have found my personal dictionary. And having more tools… I am seeing how much the deeper grounding work is a big part of my comfort here on this lovely earth.”
– D.C.