Empath Empowerment

I provide coaching and counseling for empathic, highly sensitive, or simply introverted people who have a specific problem, challenge, or decision they want to solve – with behavior altering techniques such as physical exercises, meditation techniques, rituals, etc.


This is best if you have an issue that you’re motivated to resolve. We’ll use techniques specifically for empaths and your empath archetype based on your birth chart.


We meet weekly for 30 minutes via Zoom, Skype or phone for a total of at least 4 session (or one lunar cycle). This timing is based on studies that have shown it takes 21 days to create new healthy habits.


Based on your situation, I’ll recommend a set of simple physical practices & meditation practices for chakra energy clearing as well as other remediations or rituals based on astrological symbols. All suggestions will be as easy and as simple as possible, suited for your current lifestyle to help you align with your most authentic purpose in this situation.



Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays from 6pm – 8pm Pacific Time

Sundays from 12pm – 8pm Pacific Time

Approximate lead time 1-2 weeks. Check my availability here.


If you have any questions about coaching, or to inquiring about availability, please contact me at shawnamcgrath@gmail.com.


I look forward to connecting with you.