I offer a variety of Astrology consultations for those seeking guidance in career, relationship, family, and life purpose. I specialize in working with with highly sensitive people (HSPs, empaths, introverts, etc.) seeking greater harmony, boundaries, balance, and confidence.


  • Empath Archetype Reading: find out your empath archetype based on your natal birth chart, learn about your individual intuitive style and how to best use your skills, protect your energy, and maintain healthy boundaries with hear.


  • Career Path Reading: get an analysis of your natal birth chart with a focus on vocation and what type of work will be most lucrative and fulfilling. Includes review of your transits and planetary strength to determine what action steps are best right now in your career path.


  • Couples Relationship Consultation: receive guidance and direction in matters of relationships around connection, intimacy, and boundaries with partnership. Can apply to romantic, platonic, family, or business partnerships). Great for those that want to navigate relationship dynamics in a healthy and open setting.


  • Dream Interpretation Consultation: I’ll interpret your dream using ancient Medieval Astrology techniques to find out the meaning, source, and message of the dream. Great if you’ve had an especially vivid, troubling, or inspirational dream and want to see what message it may have for your waking life.


  • Business Consulting: have confidence and clarity in making decisions with your business by working with the Astrological influences of the moment as well as your own Natal Birth Chart.


  • Horary (Question Astrology): Ask a specific question about anything you like and I’ll give an answer by using the divination technique of Horary Astrology.

Consultations are one hour unless you request otherwise, and billed at $150/hour. Sliding scale is available depending on financial need.

If you simply want a general reading, or something that you don’t see listed here – please email me. We can create a session based on your needs.

Contact me to set up an 15 minute initial phone call to see if it’s a good fit:

(619) 246-4546


Payment: all sessions are billed via PayPal and due upon receipt. I offer a money back guarantee, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your consultation, there is no charge to you. Venmo payment is available upon request.

Initial Phone Call: during our initial 15 minute phone call, I’ll find out more about what you’re looking for, your birth data, and tell you about how I work. This is a no-pressure phone call, it’s simply a chance for us to chat to see how I can best be of service, or to provide you with a more appropriate referral.

Scheduling: Scheduling is available throughout the weekdays and weekends at a time best for you. Sessions are conducted via Zoom and recorded for your convenience. Rescheduling or cancellations require at least 24 hours notice.

Confidentiality: all information you share and your working relationship with me will be kept strictly confidential (unless you present a physical danger to yourself or others).

Disclosure: I’m not a licensed psychologist, therapist, doctor, layer, or psychic. No portion of your reading or consultation can serve as or substitute for medical, legal, or mental health advice or diagnosis.