September 6, 2018

Work with Me


Counseling Session ($147): chat with me online through video or voice to get guidance, advice, or recommendations. This is a safe space to work through a specific issue or simply find direction.

Sessions are 50 minutes and only available on Monday and Wednesday evenings (Pacific Time) due to my limited schedule ❤️


Insta Reading ($25): ask a question and receive an answer by email within 24 hours. I use astrology and tarot to answer your question and reveal hidden info.

Questions people often ask: Should I move to this new place (home, city, state, country) or stay put? Is this job offer a good opportunity? Should I stay with my current job or look for a new one? What type of career path should I take? Does she/he/they like me, should I ask them out or are we just friends? Is there a future with my current romantic relationship? What’s going in with my partner? Will this business deal or project go well? Is it worth my investment of time or money? I have a weird feeling about this (project, person, situation), what’s up with that and is there something I’m missing? I had a strange, vivid, or incredible dream…what does it mean? I’m struggling with something (money, finding work, depression, anxiety, partnership, stability, creativity, family, etc), what will help?

These are just some examples, ask anything you like. Please provide as much detail and background as possible. The more I know about the situation, the more helpful answer I can give you. Type your question in the memo section when paying and email me with more info ( Expect an answer within 24 hours of purchase 😊