Astrological Counseling

If you’re struggling with repetitive toxic relationship issues, low self-worth, lack of confidence, or constantly dealing with others who violate your boundaries – I can help.

I work with people who tend toward high sensitivity (HSPs or empaths) to overcome the challenges that come with their very special and beautiful gift of sensitivity and intuition. These challenges often include trouble maintaining boundaries, attracting narcissistic partners, low confidence, and low self-worth – which, of course, negatively influences partnership choices and finances.

Astrological counseling is a blend of talking, listening, and connecting astrological symbols from your natal chart or transits to find meaning and resolution behind destructive behavior patterns and unconscious behavior.

Together, we explore what’s really going on to motivate these seemingly fated events. Unconscious patterns become conscious, and new strategies for a more fulfilling life emerge.

I offer astrological counseling in San Diego, by phone, or Skype. If you’re struggling and looking for support, please contact me at or (619) 246-4546.