September 6, 2018

Let’s Chat

Hey there! My name is Shawna. You can read more about me and my story here.

Chat with me via phone or Skype to discover your personal astrology secrets, get quick guidance on a tough issue, or process an emotional block. I offer astrology readings, astro-mentoring, and spiritual counseling.

Full Session: $147

sessions are 50 minutes and include an mp3 recording


Mini Session: $67

sessions are 30 minutes and include an mp3 recording


“Shawna also helped me work through my money blocks and through my constant state of overwhelm. Thanks to Shawna, I gained clarity on the things that were holding me back and learnt to gently work through them.

I’d definitely recommend Shawna to my friends and clients who are looking to gain awareness on the things that may be unconsciously holding them back and learn to overcome them.

Shawna provides down-to-earth and practical advice, which you can apply immediately. I loved the flow of our session – very organized, yet it felt like a natural conversation between close friends.”

-E. L.

“I loved that you confirmed so much of what I’ve ben feeling inside, but couldn’t out words to. It was really powerful for me!

I also loved how you help me to more fully step into who I am. I received a lot of confidence from our session and shifted out of the sec-doubt I’ve been warding in for so long.

I’d recommend it to anyone who is feeling a little stuck and looking for clarity. It’s a great tool (not prediction) to help you move forward in life.”

-Megan R.

“Shawna has an uncanny ability to tap into the themes that have surfaced in my life.

I highly recommend working with her if you’re looking for someone who not only has great insights, but takes a practical approach to help you envision and launch into the next phase of your trajectory with clarity, purpose and a greater self-awareness of your sacred contract.”

-Kristi K.

“My session with Shawna gave me more clarity about how I am naturally built and to honor all the different sides of me.

It also helped me to believe in the vision that I have in my heart and to keep moving in that direction. I love that she makes astrology very approachable and inviting.

She is very warm and genuine. I felt comfortable and at ease during our session. And afterwards, I felt personally validated, supported and excited about my future.”

-Jennifer G.

“I would recommend Shawna’s work this to anyone whom is looking for a bigger perspective in any area of their life. This bigger perspective will offer new insights and clarity that were not available before working with Shawna.

What I found to be most enlightening about our session was how the parts of myself that Shawna revealed to me, from seeing my chart, have been such a thread of positive and negative circumstances in my life and relationships.

It was really amazing to see into myself this way and to have greater insight as to what makes me tick.”

–Samantha F.

“I felt so good after the call and more calm with the process of life! I would recommend you to my friends who seem to all be going through some sort of confusion in life with career and relationships!

I feel it really helps to understand that our lessons and life purpose is within
astrology, and how to utilize this tool to better help assist us in life.”

–Sara L.

“The coolest thing about it was getting confirmation and guidance on things that were already on my mind. It was helpful especially to find out when I will be entering a “creative phase” as that is what I have been wanting to have happen!

Now I know when to do certain more creative type work in my business and how that effects dates of events I want to hold and more. I also liked getting insight on my relationship and a big stumbling block that’s been coming up around that.

Now I know how to move forward and approach the situation. I would recommend her because she is clearly talented at what she does and a very easy person to talk to.

She does her homework and gives you information that can actually transform
how you handle not only relationships, but career as well. This was extremely beneficial to me.

She is someone I would definitely work with again to check in on how to handle situations and questions that come up along the way in my journey! Thanks Shawna!”

–Christine G.